One Shabbat 2021

Lancaster and Lakes Jewish Community joined Jews from all over the UK and beyond for the Jewish Small Communities Network ‘One Shabbat’ in September 2021. Fiona contributed to a UK wide video celebrating the event, and the community distributed challah from Filberts Bakery, and goody bags from the JSCN, to members around the area.

KS75 75th anniversary of Kurt Schwitters anti-Nazi Merz Barn project. 19th July 2022

 The date 19th July will also mark the 85th anniversary of the launch of the Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) exhibition in Munich, when the Nazis formally declared war on all modern art.The event in July will also honour and acknowledge the other cultural communities persecuted by the Nazis; e.g. Gypsies, Gay people, Black African, Trade Unions, Polish people, neuro-diverse/disabled, and, of course, artists. Spokespeople from all those groups are invited to […]

St Johns Hospice – Last Days Matter script

Lancaster and Lakes Jewish community was invited to work with St Johns Hospice alongside members of the local Muslim community, on a film script which will show people how helpful it is to know more about ways in which people of different faiths commemorate death and dying.

Lancaster City Council Mayor Making

Fiona Frank, Secretary of Lancaster and Lakes Jewish Community, was invited in her role as Chair of Lancaster City Council’s Communities Together group, to attend Lancaster City Council’s Mayor Making, where she was able to get a selfie with the new Mayor, Councillor Joyce Pritchard.

Sukkot 2021

Following the success of the picnic for tashlich we repeated this at the end of Sukkot, on Sunday 26th September. As a community we have purchased a lulav and etrog and brought them to the event so those who wish were able to shake them to perform the mitzvah. 

Tashlich 2021

On Sunday, 12th September, we gathered for a social picnic where those who wanted to do so were welcome to do Tashlich, and ceremonially cast away the sins of the year. We met at 11.30am at the  Aldcliffe Road Triangle – people brought picnic food and optional breadcrumbs for Tashlich.

Shavuot 2021

SHAVUOT GATHERING – Tuesday 18th May 2021 The community gathered on ‘The Green Behind the Priory’, Lancaster City Centre to share a variety of cheesecake recipes and to enjoy a relaxed outdoor get together