Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer many of the questions we most regularly receive, but we know we’ll not cover everything so please do get in touch if you’d like any further information on any topic, whether covered here or not.

What denomination is the community?

We are not affiliated with any particular denomination, and anyone is welcome.

Our services are held at the Jewish Rooms at Lancaster University which has a kosher kitchen supervised by the UJS Chaplain. We often use the Liberal prayer book but are open to member-organised events following other traditions.

What other Jewish communities are nearby?

The nearest Orthodox communities are St Annes and Southport, and there are several large orthodox communities in Manchester

The nearest Reform communities are in Southport, Blackpool and Manchester.

The nearest Liberal community is in Manchester.

There is a small community of Jewish people in Preston. Our Secretary can provide contact details.

Is there a Jewish Society at Lancaster University?

There is a Jewish Society at Lancaster University. Details can be found on the LUSU website and on Facebook.

Where can I source kosher food or religious goods?

Although there are no kosher shops, delis or butchers in Lancaster, many kosher certified products are available in supermarkets and the London Beth Din has provided this Kosher Product Search tool to help you locate them.

The nearest kosher shops and butchers are in north Manchester, and many of the community make regular visits and can take requests.

There is a kosher kitchen at the Jewish rooms at Lancaster University supervised by the UJS Chaplain.

Filberts Bakery in Lancaster bake challah-style loaves (not supervised) fortnightly to order, which are bought by several members of our community.

As a community we sometimes make group online orders from the online kosher store Sabeny which delivers to the area. Please contact the secretary for details of our group orders. Other online kosher food suppliers are available.

If you are visiting and have further questions about where to eat, please feel free to contact us.

Can you speak at my school or community group?

We may be able to provide this service or put you in touch with somebody who can, however this will depend on availability. Please contact us to discuss this further.

You may also wish to contact the Jewish Small Communities network who may be able to offer this service. 

There are some video resources about Judaism produced by various organisations which schools may find useful especially during the pandemic – eg the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities’ ‘Five Minute Judaism’ series.

Can I visit a synagogue?

Jewish activities in Lancaster take place at the Jewish Rooms at Lancaster University where there is a small committee room which is used as a synagogue. This is a consecrated room but is not a full synagogue and does not, for example, hold Torah scrolls, a ‘ner tamid’ (eternal light) or other items found in synagogues. You may wish to contact one of the other communities listed above, all of which offer tours on occasion, or the Manchester Jewish Museum.

For information about attending our services please join our mailing list. If you wish to arrange a service or a gathering for a special occasion please contact us to discuss.

We are moving to the area with children, are there Jewish schools or children’s activities?

There are no Jewish schools in Lancaster. We tailor activities to the needs of our community including family friendly events. There are currently several Jewish families with children in the area.

Do you offer Hebrew or Yiddish classes?

We do not offer these, but we can put you in touch with other sources of information.

I’m interested in becoming Jewish – can you help?

Various denominations have their own routes to conversions. The best way to learn more about this is to discuss this with a rabbi. We may be able to help you identify which type of Judaism you wish to explore. Please contact us for more information. 

If you are at any stage of exploring Judaism and wish to learn more, or are undergoing the conversion process under any denomination, you are most welcome to join the mailing list and attend our events.

I think I have Jewish ancestry, can I discuss this?

If you wish to explore your ancestry, you may wish to contact the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB). 

To discuss what this may mean for your identity, feel free to contact us to discuss further.

think I may have encountered antisemitic activity or attitudes, what should I do?

We are available to offer support and to talk to you about this.

We have a supportive community hate crime officer in the area, and we encourage you to report any antisemitic incidents to them. You are also encouraged to report to the CST which monitors antisemitic incidents nationally.